• 15+ Years
    of Experience
  • User Experience
  • Native Mobile
  • Extreme Resolution
  • Andrés Ramírez

    Mobile Application Architect and Developer
    • 15+ years of experience crafting creative solutions for productivity and content delivery.
    • Use of a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, with skills spanning multiple platforms and languages.
    • Proven track record. Developed, shipped and maintained 15+ apps - App Store, Play Store and web.
    • Comfortable managing from a high-level perspective or working in the trenches.
    • Strong belief that programming solutions should unobtrusively serve and empower design, UX and content.
  • Experience
    The Curious Pixel, Limited – Application/Software Architect and Developer – Bristol
    Owner. Focused on creating native iOS and near-native cross-platform mobile applications.
    • Remotely organized, managed and developed a native iOS/Android port of a localized web app, for overseas clients. Available in the App and Play Stores.
    • Designed scripts and workflows to keep localized content up to date between web and mobile apps. (English, Japanese and traditional and simplified Chinese)
    • Designed and developed a high-performance, open-gl based, image editing iOS app. Available in the App Store.
    • Ongoing maintenance of code base for existing App Store and Play Store apps.
    Candide, Limited – Senior Developer – Bristol
    Product Owner and Developer of Candide's AR-based “Labels” app.
    • Implemented the use of ML Vision models, scene analysis and post processing to detect plants automatically for AR labeling.
    • Continuously polished the user experience with a frequent release cycle.
    • Updated features to stay up-to-date with Apple's AR and Core ML technologies
    • App received one major and two minor App Store features
    • Invited to participated in two Apple hosted lab weeks
    • Maintained – and contributed to – the primary React Native app
    • Contributions to in-house micro services and front end website using React
    Pixeldream, Inc. – Application/Software Architect and Developer – New York City
    Co-Owner. Multimedia company serving corporate and educational clients, specializing in interactive programming, spanning all digital media formats, including mobile application development, web-based applications and video.
    • Architect and developer for all Pixeldream productions, including an online MBA prep course with 80 animated lectures, 250+ interactive activities, test banks and self-evaluation tools.
    • Managed a team of animators and programmers while responsible for final code integration.
    • Directed support and maintenance of web apps after deployment.
    • Prepared ideas, estimates and timelines for all company proposals.
    • Worked closely with writers and artists to provide the best engine for the content demands.
    Photographer - New York City / London
    Worked with artists and galleries on project collaborations and artwork documentation.
    • New York Times, Art Forum and Sculpture Magazine credits.
    • Specialization in super high-resolution / life-sized stitched photography.
    Mobile Developer - New York City
    In collaboration with artists, filmmakers and non-profits, created, designed, consulted and/or programmed iOS apps both for retail and advertising purposes.
    • Designed and developed a virtual “director’s viewfinder” iOS app. Available in the App Store.
    • Co-Created and developed a puppy training iOS app. Available in the App Store.
    • Created and developed a companion iOS app for “Key to the City”, a NYC public art project.
    Motion Graphics and 3D Modeling and Animation
    Used to support all areas of production and pre-production.
    • UX exploration via animated scenarios.
    • Game assets development.
    • Created App/TV promos, show openers and animated company logos. Clients include Oxfam International, General Dynamics, Laerdal Medical and WGBH Boston.
  • Education
    Brown University
    Math and computer science graduate courses, focusing on Computer Graphics programming.

    Berklee College of Music
    Bachelors in Music Production and Engineering.
  • Technical Skills
    Programming Languages, Toolkits and SDKs:
    Swift, Objective-C, React, React Native, iOS Programming, Android Programming, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, Database (MySQL and MS SQL) knowledge.

    Animation Tools:
    Maya, Form-Z, Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut Pro

    Other Software:
    Entire Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, XCode, Visual Studio and SVN Tools
    Fluent in Spanish. Competent in French.

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